Medplace, Uber for Case Reviews

Medplace Extends Its “Uber for Case Reviews” Technology to Organizations With Existing Panels of Medical Experts

Organizations can now use the powerful, efficient Medplace knowledge-share platform with their existing panel of medical experts for case reviews, peer reviews, and other services. The new offering is called BYOD or Bring Your Own Doctor and is available to hospital systems, medical professional liability insurers, third-party administrators, and law firms.

“The Medplace network of top physicians and nurses is a significant value-add and benefit for companies, but we also appreciate that some organizations prefer to use their established panel of experts,” said Jerrod Bailey, CEO of Medplace. “Our platform can streamline their process while delighting their existing experts and significantly reducing their costs, case lifecycles, and bolstering security.” 

 The benefits of self-serve, BYOD access are compelling. First, claims professionals, risk managers, and attorneys can securely share all types of medical records with their experts – anything from tabbed PDFs to DICOM imaging – all within a single platform. Stakeholders can even leverage the platform’s innovative record retrieval and organizations services when needed. Next, teams can use the platform’s scheduling tool to easily coordinate with experts, legal counsel, and other team members for a video conference review call. Finally, with Medplace, follow-up emails and managing unresponsive experts is a thing of the past as the platform itself handles these functions. 

 Users can expect to cut review times by up to two months and reduce claims team overhead costs by up to 90 percent. Suppose there’s a gap in an existing panel of experts. In that case, BYOD users can instantly tap into Medplace’s national network of top doctors and nurses and receive and evaluate matches for reviews within days.  

 Dr. Ara Feinstein, a trauma surgeon and top medical expert on Medplace, says, “There is no better or easier way to engage a busy physician than through the Medplace platform. They have designed a doctor-focused, efficient process that maximizes my limited time and lets me provide my insights without disrupting my practice.” 

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About Medplace 

Medplace connects top medical specialists and organizations for case review, peer review, and more. Our proprietary  Curbside methodology makes it easy and efficient to engage, share records and transact. Medplace empowers top doctors and nurses to make a significant professional impact on healthcare without distractions. We give organizations unprecedented access to the right expertise.  

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