Medplace Exits Beta with New Name as the World’s First Medical Expertise Marketplace 

Medplace, Inc., the medical expertise exchange, has come out of beta with strong platform stability and advanced features and has changed its name from Hoot Medical.   

The new name, Medplace, embraces the company’s unique offering: a broad marketplace of top physicians whom companies seek out for non-clinical consultation opportunities and an advanced platform for finding, matching, and engaging these medical experts in an efficient, low-friction way.    

“Medplace is used every day, all around the US by law firms, insurance companies, third-party administrators, hospitals, and other companies to find the best specialty advisement quickly,” said Jerrod Bailey, CEO of Medplace. Featuring full-time practicing physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers, Medplace uses a highly selective and curative process to make these top five percent of practicing experts available for purposes such as medical case reviews, peer reviews, and more.  

“Medplace leverages a modern technology platform, consumer-grade user experience design, and high levels of automation to create a delightful and light-weight experience for the physician,” said Tim Walsh, Chief Technology Officer at Medplace. The Medplace platform allows consulting doctors to do interesting and lucrative work without disrupting their practices. “We create a meaningful, non-clinical side-income stream for our doctors, without the overhead associated with these kinds of engagements.”  

One such Medplace expert is Dr. Ara Feinstein, a trauma surgeon at Banner Health. Dr. Feinstein started consulting for Medplace during its launch in 2020. “The Medplace team built a platform that empowers expert physicians to extend their knowledge beyond local offices and hospitals,” said Dr. Feinstein. “This democratization of medical expertise has the power to transform healthcare.”  

About Medplace 

Medplace connects top medical specialists and organizations for case review, peer review, and more. Our proprietary Curbside™ methodology makes it easy and efficient to engage, share records and transact. Medplace empowers top doctors and nurses to make a significant professional impact on healthcare without distractions. We give organizations unprecedented access to the right expertise.  

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