Frequently Asked Questions

What are the time requirements for Medplace?

95% of cases are completed within 2 hours by the physician. Once we send a notification, the physician has 8 hours to accept the case. Then, assuming a standard case, they have two weeks to review the medical records and have the 30-minute Review Call with the client.

In nearly every case, physicians are not required to be deposed or to get involved in litigation. The physician can note to the client whether they are willing to participate if asked.

For claims reviews – there are no lengthy write-ups involved. Just a 30-minute phone call with the claims professional.

For peer reviews – there is no phone call required. Clients will receive a written report from their expert.

What does Medplace pay?

At a minimum, each case pays $800 to the physician whether or not you use the whole 2 hours. Complex reviews and certain specialties carry a premium.

How does Medplace work?

Medplace matches the expert to a case. Once you accept it, you can immediately view all medical records securely through any web browser.

For claims reviews: once you have reviewed the records, schedule a 30-minute phone call with the client and verbally discuss your thoughts.

For peer reviews: review the records and deliver a report on your analysis to the client.

These cases are generally asking whether the standard of care was met.

What can Medplace tell me about a case before I accept?

The physician can review the basic case synopsis and last name of the insured and patient before accepting.

What if I’m not available to accept a case?

You can always pause your availability at any time through your Medplace profile, but to continue to get cases, you must accept cases that are sent to you as much as possible.

Remember that you have two full weeks to deliver on the case once you accept.

How does my Physician Rating work in Medplace?

All physicians are rated on the platform by our clients.

Things that affect rating:

  • Professionalism
  • Written and verbal communication
  • Responsiveness
  • Punctuality
  • Preparedness
  • Finishing a case on or before the 2-week deadline

Things that negatively impact either rating or future matches:

  • Declining case matches NOT due to conflicts or qualification
  • Heavy case rescheduling
  • Missed cases
  • Missed deadlines
  • Formal complaints

How do I become a Medplace Certified Medical Professional?

All physicians start on the waitlist. Depending on our needs, Medplace pulls new physicians from that waitlist, evaluates their background, and then puts the most qualified physicians through a rapid onboarding. Here is the basic process:

  • APPLY: Click the Apply Now button and fill out your basic details, including your CV, specialties, and subspecialties. As we have demand for your specialty, we will evaluate your CV and background for whether we think you would be an excellent addition to the Medplace pool of experts. If so, we reach out with an invitation to begin the process of joining Medplace.
  • SCHEDULE A ONE-ON-ONE EVALUATION: After orientation, you will meet with a Medplace representative one-on-one to discuss if there is a mutual fit and answer any questions.
  • COMPLETE THE KIT: After the evaluation, you will complete a basic Contractor Agreement and W9 electronically, and we will also initiate a background check.
  • START TAKING CASES! Once Step 3 is complete, you will receive an invitation to Medplace, and you will immediately go into the matching pool. Depending on your specialty and our case flow, you may have a match right away, or in some cases, you may not receive a match for months.

Can any physician join Medplace?

Medplace has a screening process and does not accept all experts. We pride ourselves in only working with the best physicians and nurses and making the Medplace platform a delightful experience for our experts and clients.

Besides experience, we screen for communication, general disposition, and professionalism. We also confirm credentials and do background checks.