Match with Top Medical Specialists in 24 Hours or Less

Get efficient and transparent access to a curated, dynamic pool of practicing doctors and nurses on the Medplace platform.

That’s it. No negotiations. No contracts. No invoices. Medplace takes care of the backend work.

So, how does it work?
  1. Start a request
  2. Match and select a specialist/healthcare professional
  3. Upload medical records
  4. Video or chat with your specialist
  5. Get insights or report
  6. Rate your specialist

The Curbside™ Methodology

We streamline the slow, complicated process of sharing and obtaining medical expertise from top specialists and healthcare professionals using our proprietary Curbside™ methodology. Here’s what you get with our method:


For Organizations

Match in 24 Hours

Efficient access to a curated, dynamic pool of top practicing medical specialists, or healthcare professionals.

Standardized Pricing

Engage with a specialist of your choosing for a flat rate; no contracts or invoices.

Centralized platform

Work with your preferred specialist from beginning to end on one simple-to-use, secure platform.

Digital Record Sharing

Any record type (tabbed PDFs, imaging studies). Organized and optimized in one platform.

Best of the Best

Access the top five percent of practitioners in their field.

No surprises

Transparent, reliable process with consistently valuable insights guaranteed

Working Together to Make Healthcare Better

Learn why the top medical specialists and healthcare professionals love offering their expertise on Medplace and how organizations leverage that passion for achieving their goals.

Customer Testimonials

Use Cases

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Products and Services For You

Medplace offers products and services for these organizations:

MPLs / TPAs / Captives

  • CRP enablement
  • Claims review
  • Expert witness testimony


(Systems, Independent & Critical Access)
  • CRP enablement
  • Claims review
  • Peer review

Law Firms

  • Claims review
  • Expert witness testimony

Boards of Medicine

  • Claims review
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Chart analysis